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Welcome! I won’t lie– I’m new to blogging, and I’ll probably look back at this post in a year or two (or, like, a week) and be utterly humiliated by my rank amateurism. I’ll get past it then; I hope you can get past it now.

For now, let’s get some basic introductions out of the way. On this blog, I’ll go by Tziporah. It’s part of my Hebrew name, but lest you think my parents saddled me with a name like “Tziporah” in the secular world, rest assured– I have a “normal” American name, too.

Speaking of my parents saddling with me anything Jewish…not so much. I converted to Judaism under Conservative auspices in April 2007. Later this month, in August 2012, I’m beginning the loooong process toward receiving smicha (ordination as a rabbi). This blog, like me, will probably be a little all over the place, but its purpose is to document this process of dedicating myself to a life of spirituality and service. I’ll also delve a bit into what led me here.

My main concern is that no one will read this blog, but not because I want the attention. Rather, I really like talking about Judaism. And Jews. And Jewish issues. And Jewish values. And Jewish food…you get the picture.

What I want, though, is not to ramble in cyberspace– I actually want the blog’s title to be ironic. This shouldn’t be a monologue. Make it a dialogue. I promise to respond to every comment and question, no matter how random or off topic. Give me your tired, you poor, your…okay, I’m getting a little high-and-mighty with delusions of grandeur here.

But seriously. Let’s talk.