About The Tziporah Monologues

Hello, and thank you for dropping by! My name is Meggie O’Dell, and I’m a rabbinical student in New York City. My Hebrew name is Tziporah Miryam, so if you’re wondering how Meggie writes The Tziporah Monologues, there’s your answer.

I’m a person engaged with a Jewish tradition that is constantly being renewed and reinterpreted and, whether by consequence or coincidence, I, too, am perpetually under construction. My life has included stints as a law student, a math teacher, and an opera singer, among other pursuits, and I have traipsed across the country and the globe in search of community, love, belonging, and fun. I’m a Conservative Jew (religiously, not politically) whose conversion was sponsored by a Reform rabbi and who prays regularly in Orthodox settings.

In short: I’m all over the place. Thus, I reevaluate, I reflect, I question, I obsess…and usually, I write. It helps me, and some people have told me that reading what I write also helps them.

Check back here each week or so for reflections on my journey toward the rabbinate, thoughts on Jewish observance and philosophy, musings on ways to make Judaism relevant for more people, and general discussion of all things Jewish.

If you really want to come along for the ride, please contribute, and I don’t mean financially. Make The Tziporah Monologues into The Tziporah Dialogues, and if there is any topic you’d like to see covered, please let me know. I apologize in advance for any offense caused, and I’m always open to comments, questions, and criticism, kindly phrased.


What do you think?

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